Whether it's painting, planting, or even updating a security door, all exterior changes to your home require approval from the Design Review Committee (DRC). Before submitting your application, make sure all modifications align with our community guidelines. The guidelines protect our property values and preserve the unique character of our community.
Step 1: Review the Guidelines
Ensure your project adheres to the design guidelines for the community. If you are painting the exterior of your home, we have over 60 approved color schemes for you to consider. If you are making modifications to your landscaping, approved plant and tree lists are also available to you.
Contact our Assistant Community Manager, Jordan Collier, at with any questions during this process.
Step 2: Fill Out the Online Application
Be prepared to include the following information and documentation when completing the application.
  1. Property Plot Plan and/or Scaled Drawing of the project with dimensions.
  2. Photographs/visual pictures of the project.
  3. Photos of the materials to be used for the project, including your chosen color if using a catalog or photo that offers multiple color options.
  4. The neighboring addresses to the left and the right of your property.
  5. For exterior paint projects using a pre-approved scheme, you will submit with the paint scheme number and specify which colors will be used on which features of the home (recommendations are provided in the scheme details).
  6. If using a custom scheme, swatches and specific color skew numbers are required.
What to expect after submitting an application:
Our staff will review your application and contact you with any additional required documentation before submitting to the DRC to review. Once it has been uploaded to the queue for the DRC, you’ll receive an auto email confirming the project upload. Once the DRC has reviewed, you will receive another email with their response to your project.
The DRC has up to 30 days to review and respond to applications. The average turnaround time is two weeks, depending on the scope of the project you are applying for. Please factor this timeframe into your plans - do not schedule work prior to receiving approval from the DRC.
About the Design Review Committee (DRC)
The Design Review Committee (DRC) is responsible for reviewing all design review applications required for any modification to the exterior the home. The DRC is made up of homeowner volunteers appointed by the Board of Directors. If you are interested in joining the DRC, contact Assistant Community Manager, Jordan Collier, at
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